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A Little Piece Of History

Built in 1927 in the heart of Brady, the 150-seat Palace Theater was part of McCulloch County’s cultural heritage for twenty-eight years. It was here that many people experienced their first movie and some, perhaps, their first kiss. In 1955, the theater closed. The empty structure was both a silent reminder of “what used to be” and a symbol of the transformation of the downtown area that had already begun.

On Feb 28, 2014 the theater reorganized as a non-profit after considerable effort on the part of local volunteers. In 2017 after considerable effort, they showed the first movie in Brady since 1955. Since then many improvements have been made. They have state-of-the-art digital technology for movies, as well as sound and lighting to easily transform the theatre into a live event venue. The theater now hosts a live event on the second Saturday of each month and is working to become a hotspot for live entertainment in Central Texas.

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